WATCH OUT! Practicing Ashtanga Yoga can change your life.

 It may sound a bit like a tabloid headline, but it’s real. Practicing Ashtanga Yoga can change your life. It may be that you become a more complete person, it may be that you end up knowing yourself more deeply, it may be that you manage to see yourself without judgment.

 It may be that you feel at peace, with yourself and with the world. You may learn to transcend worries as well as momentary euphoria. You may face your fears one by one, little by little. You may learn to tolerate frustration. Maybe one day you will even feel the happiness that is inherent in your own being.

 It may be that you hurt yourself, and with it, learn not to run too much, to take things slowly and to accept whatever comes because that will be what you have to live. It may be that someday you will get very frustrated because you can’t bind in Marichasana D, and with that you learn to let go: today’s practice ends today, tomorrow’s will be totally different, just like yesterday’s.

 It may be that you will also learn what detachment means, and see clearly that it is not healthy to feel attached to things, sensations, people, etc. It may be that parts of your body open that unblock some trauma, you may laugh, cry or go through some moment of catharsis.

 It may be that you start to trust the Universe, or something else that resonates within you. Likewise, concepts that you rejected before begin to fit in with you, and you feel lighter because you don’t live with so many prejudices.

 You may begin to understand words like “respect,” “love,” or “discipline.” And maybe you start to meditate and know yourself with an empty mind. You may unlearn some behavior or thought patterns that are contaminating you.
Or maybe not, maybe none of that happens, it may be, but I have not yet met a person whose continuous practice of Ashtanga Yoga has not changed their life in some way. So if you are thinking of starting to practice, be careful, be alert and open up, it may be that you have the opportunity to become an even more beautiful version of yourself.

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