We share this practice that has changed our lives.


My first contact with a yoga practice was in 2001, through a hatha yoga video that a friend shared with me. I was instantly drawn by the asanas and the grace with which the teacher entered and exited them. I practiced that one-hour sequence that fascinated me so much for almost three years, until in 2004 I decided to formalize my learning and began my yoga studies at a school that “fortuitously” turned out to be Ashtanga Yoga. That is how I began to practice Mysore style, under the guidance of Marco Casali and Carolina Ramirez, who were my teachers until 2007.

It was in that year that I decided to move to Barcelona and thus find Elena Figarola. From there, I continued my training: I became a student and then a school assistant, and after a few years I became the teacher in charge of the mysore afternoon program. 

I have a holistic view of the practice; I consider it as a method of self-knowledge that uses breathing and conscious movement as tools as well as an instrument of transversal healing.

Pat Prada

I was always very skeptical; to my first yoga class I was very late and forced by a friend. Rhythmic gymnastics, athletics, aerial training… my body needed to move but couldn’t find a way; until I found Elena Figarola’s shala. In less than 6 months of practice I saw my life start to change.

By committing myself to the practice I began to travel to Mysore (India), to study directly under the guidance of what I consider to be my teacher Sharath Jois (KPJAYI), in February 2019 Sharathji gave me his blessing to teach the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga according to the  Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ teachings. I am also registered in ROPEC.

I continue to deepen my practice, study ancient texts, yoga philosophy, and maintain my daily meditation practice. I understand Ashtanga Yoga as a complete method for spiritual growth, which helps us to see ourselves reflected in our own mirror day after day. It is a constant learning of ourselves that it has nothing to do with the perfection in the execution of the postures. It is a process of both physical and mental purification that helps us to live better with ourselves and with others.




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