What Is Tech Sales & How You Get Into It

It’s a great place to get your feet wet because prospecting expertise is something you will rely on throughout your sales career. Even when you’re an AE or CSM, you’ll always need this fundamental skill. Use sales pipeline updates, reports, and analytics to understand revenue and customer performance.

Some sold at the most ideal time and a product that the market was desperate for. In a past role I was in, our “best” rep worked a vertical that was tailor made for our product. The role was all outbound but he would blow his quota out of the water by having fxchoice review almost 70% of his opportunities come inbound requesting a demo. Rarely did he make more than 10 cold calls but that is because he was “strategic”. Rep A has an easy territory to where even half of his stuff comes inbound, Rep B does not have that.

If you can, find yourself a mentor in the tech sales field who will guide you through the process of finding a tech sales job appropriate for your level of experience. As noted earlier, tech sales reps need to be able to synthesize very complicated information into simple, easy-to-digest formats so that buyers can get the most out of their purchases. Perhaps the most important skill any salesperson can master is their communication. Sales reps — especially tech sales reps — need to have excellent written and verbal communication.

  1. If you’re really brand new to sales, make sure you’re at least moderately comfortable with basic business tech.
  2. Your skills and experience matter to a potential employer because they need evidence that you can do the job and be part of the team that helps grow their company.
  3. Even when you’re an AE or CSM, you’ll always need this fundamental skill.
  4. On the flip side, some tech sales jobs also include travel (for those that might consider paid travel a “perk” of a job).

This community exists to provide everything you need to know about tech sales from soup to nuts in this lucrative field of work. I feel AM roles are majorly for people with 10+ yrs of sales experience while currently i don’t have quota carrying experience but 4 yrs of sales experience only. Everyone is in tech sales is absolutely convinced that tech sales is where it’s at and I only hear very positive things. These stories don’t necessarily have to be tech-related — at least not all of them.

What Does a Tech Salesperson Do?

Also, make sure you’ll earn a certificate of completion to put on your resume and LinkedIn page. Practice makes perfect, so commit to honing the skills above via daily activities — even small ones. While it used to be a hidden gem, SaaS sales is now a very popular spot for college grads who do not want to go to grad school and cannot make it to high finance. Some companies will even have classes of college kids they will only hire from and others even have GPA requirements, preferring people from top schools. Slowly and surely, the space is becoming over-saturated with talent compared to where it was.

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How are the skills and experience listed on your resume related to the job you’re applying for? Be prepared to talk about that in an interview with relevant examples that relate back to sales. Using storytelling can help tech sales reps make dry, complex, and otherwise technical product features and benefits more relatable for buyers. One of the really cool things about a job in tech sales is that it opens up opportunities for sales reps to become extremely technically literate. B2B tech sales is heavily focused on finding customers comprehensive solutions to complex problems. It’s about selling a package and providing accompanying support that will have a measurable impact on the buyer’s business.

What Skills Do You Need in Tech Sales?

I am currently working as an Enterprise ISR for a B2B organisation. My manager promised a promotion to AM role with compensation. So i started ifc markets review managing enterprise accounts and structuring the deals. But now the promotion is denied stating I don’t have enough experience.

My next post, if any of you want one, is going to talk about how to deal with the harsh realities of being in tech sales and make it into a hell of a career. Well, after five years in tech sales, here are five harsh life lessons I have learned. When cmc markets review I was coming out of school without a clear path, I found a position in tech sales and here I am. I do not regret it because I had a largely unemployable major but thanks to luck and to some resourcefulness, I was able to get my opportunity.

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